WI Sheriff Signs Tea Party Leader Up For Gay Websites, Obamacare


A Wisconsin Sheriff has been placed on leave for ‘stealing the identity’ of a local Tea Party leader and signing him up for gay websites, Obamacare, and other porn sites. From Illinois Review:

A feud between Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen and local Tea Party Leader Greg Luce started last fall, when Luce started organizing protests against Barack Obama on an interstate overpass.

Kelemen worked to persuade the city council to ban overpass signs. In response, Luce urged Tea Party and First Amendment supporters to deluge the chief’s phone and email with opposition.

Police Chief Kelemen then began signing up Luce on websites for federal health care, homosexual dating and pornography. Luce responded by filing a federal lawsuit, accusing the police chief of restricting his First Amendment right to free speech and stealing his identity.

The police chief told investigators he “didn’t think what he was doing was that big of a deal,” but Kelemen was put on paid leave.

Funny, nobody complained when anti-war protesters were exercising their free speech rights from overpasses when a Republican was in the White House.

wi police chief
Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen

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