Washington D.C. Police Chief: Will Not Arrest Any Citizen Legally Carrying A Gun In DC Or Any State

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Over the weekend, Guns Saves Lives reported a Federal Judge struck down the Washington D.C. gun-control law banning a gun outside the home. The ruling can be read here.

Today, GSL is reporting that a D.C. Police Chief has issued a statement that treats D.C. as constitutionally carry territory. The Police Chief Lanier has told his police force not to arrest any person who is legally carrying a gun in D.C. or any state. A HUGE WIN for the 2nd Amendment.


Of course, GSL reminds their readers of the following:

WARNING: This a fluid situation and will likely change in the near future. Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice and there may still be legal issues that have not been fully explored related to this issue.

Emily Miller’s Twitter account also issues two warnings: The first warning:

“Keep in mind– the law that only registered DC gun owners can posess ammunition is still in effect.”

And a second reminder of D.C. law:

“Be aware- The “assault weapon” ban is still in effect in DC. As is the 10-round magazine limit.”

Willing to bet that as more citizens take on the responsibility to defend their own lives and property… that lower crime rates will soon follow. Similar to the recent drastic drop in Detroit crime rates…  in which the Detroit Police Chief credits the increase in armed citizens for the reduction. Try explaining this to a Liberal and watch their heads explode.

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