‘War on Humans’: New Film Exposes the Real Goals of the Radical Environmentalists

If you believe the ultimate goal of the radical environmental movement is to stop “man-made climate change” by getting people to drive electric cars and by taxing companies for carbon emissions tax, guess again.

A recently released documentary reveals the tree-huggers’ real aim is to “save the planet” by greatly reducing the human population – perhaps by as much as 90 percent.

“The War on Humans” is a 30-minute film produced by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that deals with issues relating to science, culture and bioethics. In the film, director John West exposes the dark side of America’s extreme environmentalists, who reject the idea that human beings should hold a special place in nature over the “non-human animals.”

More to the point: The extremists believe humans are a “plague on the planet” and the only cure is massive depopulation. To achieve that ambitious plan, the radicals have developed a long-range strategy for carrying it out, as “War on Humans” makes clear.

Phase One is a propaganda campaign to get people – particularly school children and university students – to buy into the premise that human beings aren’t inherently better than other specious. In fact, humans might be worse because their selfish actions are responsible for destroying the earth.

To that end, the environmentalists have been using the nation’s education system to convince the upcoming generation that human activity is the sole cause of climate change. They’re also communicating their “humans are destroying the planet” message through popular Hollywood movies, most recently 2014’s “Noah.”


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