The Rest of the Story: Palestinian Teens Attacked Police w/ Knives Before YouTubed Beating (Video)

Images broadcast on Palestinian television this weekend appeared to show Israeli police beating and kicking a teenager.
pali youth beaten israeli police

The victim, Tariq Abu Khdeir, is reportedly a US citizen who was hurling rocks with a slingshot at police. Khdeir goes to school in Florida. The edited footage was released by the Palestinians and widely reported around the world.

And, here’s the rest of the story…
Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Daniel Danon told FOX News this morning the teen was beaten after attacking police with a knife.


“When you look at the pictures it doesn’t look so good. But, when you look at the pictures before you had six teenagers being involved with knives attacking the police officers. And when they were able to arrest them they resisted the arrest. So, I’m not happy about the picture. It will be fully investigated but sometimes when somebody is attacking a police officer with a knife the use of force, not just in the US, but in Israel (is necessary). So you have to look at the full picture.”

Via America’s News HQ:

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