St. Louis Woman Shot in Face By Stray Bullet on 4th of July

Jan Brewer from St. Louis was shot in the face by a stray bullet on Independence Day as she was celebrating in her yard with her husband.
bullet face

KMOV reported:

A woman was shot in the face by a stray bullet while celebrating Independence Day after someone fired a gun into the air in High Ridge.

“I just felt this baseball bat type thing hit me in the face,” said Jan Brewer.

Brewer says she was celebrating with her husband when she was hit in the face with what she thought at the time were fireworks. It wasn’t until she went to a local hospital where X-rays confirmed a bullet was in her cheek.

“I have nothing against people owning guns. That’s their right,” said Brewer. “It’s the responsibility they should take when they own a gun. That’s my biggest concern. Once you own a gun, you should take responsibility to do the right thing.”

According to Brewer and her husband, no one in the area was using any guns. They think the bullet likely came from far off where it was possibly shot in the air to celebrate the Fourth of July.

jan brewer shot face
Jan Brewer was shot in the face by a stray bullet on the 4th of July. (KMOV)

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