SO GROSS… DC Contractor Says She Was Attacked by Flesh-Eating Rats at Local Hospital (Video)

A Washington DC contractor claims she was attacked by rats on the job at Providence Hospital. She also claimed the rats were gnawing on bodies in the morgue.
Sounds a little crazy.
Gross and crazy.

FOX 5 reported:

It is an odd and very disturbing story. A hospital contractor in Northeast D.C. was attacked by rats on the job and she says they are the same rats that are eating bodies in the morgue.

“They were going into places like the anal area, the vaginal area, the pubic area of the males,” Doris Kennard said. “That’s where they would get in.”

That is just one of many incidents Kennard witnessed as rats feasted on bodies from the inside at the morgue here at D.C.’s Providence Hospital.

For two years from 2007, Kennard worked for a contractor who ran the hospital morgue. It’s a bid she won herself in 2009.

But she claims that opportunity was far from a perk. Because of the infestation, she could never find employees, so she worked alone many times.

And one shift almost proved deadly when a rat attacked her and put her in the hospital with a number of health exams.

“They were getting inside of the bags,” she said. “They were actually gnawing inside of the bags and leaving the remnants of where they were eating to get inside of the bags. Parts of the bag on the tray. I saw scratches on the bodies.”

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