School District With Oregon’s Worst Graduation Rate Considering 33% Raise for Superintendent

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Progressives complain about Wall Street bankers getting undeserved raises, but seldom do they admit to doing the same thing for their own kind.

Oregon’s Portland Public School District is looking to give its superintendent a 33 percent raise, even though the district is not performing up to par. reports: reports Portland school board members are considering increasing Superintendent Carole Smith’s salary by a third – from $193,000 to $257,000. Board members are also considering raising Smith’s annuity payment by 66 percent – from $18,000 a year to $30,000.

Pam Knowles, one of the board members directly involved with putting together a new pay plan for the superintendent, is refusing to say if the 33 percent raise proposal is being seriously considered, or if the board will aim a little lower.

“It’s not ready, it’s not finished,” Knowles told “We’re in negotiations with the superintendent, and it’s not public.”

Translation: “Mind your own business, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer.”…

Board members appear to be overlooking the fact that Portland Public Schools’ graduation rate is the worst in the state (62 percent) and their high schoolers’ proficiency scores in math (69 percent) and writing (65 percent) are far from impressive.

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