#ProgressivePrivilege: IRS Agent Merely Suspended for Campaigning for Obama on Taxpayer Help Line

NTEU 14 Obama McCaskill signs

For most employers, doing something as outrageous as exploiting your position to advocate for politics would be a fireable offense. But this is government we’re talking about.

More specifically, this is Obama’s unionized IRS we’re talking about.

The Washington Times reports:


An IRS employee was suspended for 100 days for using his job at the agency’s help line to try to convince callers to vote for President Obama, a government watchdog agency announced Thursday.

The employee, whose name wasn’t mentioned in the announcement from the Office of Special Counsel, admitted to using his job for political purposes and agreed to the settlement that involved a 100-day suspension.

“OSC’s complaint alleged that, when fielding taxpayers’ questions on an IRS customer service help line, the employee repeatedly urged taxpayers to re-elect President Obama in 2012 by delivering a chant based on the spelling of the employee’s last name,” the investigative office said.

IRS employees are represented by the National Treasury Employees Union, a group that endorsed Obama for re-election in 2012.

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