Pro-Palestinian Protesters Fail in Effort to Keep Jewish Student Off University Board


The Israeli-Palestinian may be based in the Middle East, but it’s causing tension and turmoil at one of the largest universities in the United States.

On Wednesday, regents for the University of California (UC) confirmed Jewish student Avi Oved as the 2015-16 student member of the university’s governing board, despite angry protests from pro-Islam, pro-Palestinian student activists.

The activists claim Oved’s pro-Israel views disqualify him from representing UC’s 230,000 students, a sizeable number of whom want university leaders to boycott Israel and any companies that do business with it, reports.


“Oved opposes boycott and divestment, and has helped defeat such resolutions at UCLA,” the news site adds.

The pro-Palestinian activists’ also criticize Oved for accepting a donation to his student government campaign last year from a pro-Israel philanthropist who has allegedly “tweeted” anti-Islamic statements.

“(Oved) cannot represent all the students without a conflict of interest,” Marium Navid, a Muslim student from UC Davis, told the regents.

Student Azka Fayyaz, accused UC regents of being “complicit in Islamophobia” by selecting Oved, while students snapped their fingers in support, reports

That’s a stunningly silly charge considering that just last year, UC regents selected a Muslim student who is an outspoken pro-Palestinian activist to serve on the university’s governing board.

But facts don’t matter to ideological extremists who are interested only in advancing their worldview.

Sam Levine, executive director of the western region of the Zionist Organization of America, defended Oved by noting the only reason some UC students oppose him “ is because he’s Jewish and pro-Israel.”

“There’s a strong anti-Semitic attitude on many college campuses, and it’s discriminatory,” Levine said, according to

This entire episode is just further proof that America’s institutions of higher learning – where individuals are supposed to be exposed to a variety of ideas and beliefs – have become some of the least tolerant and diverse places in the entire Western world.

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