NOW Radicals Protest NJ Hobby Lobby – Harass Customers

A small group of NOW radicals protested in front of the Hobby Lobby store in Totowa on Saturday.
They want Hobby Lobby to pay for their abortions and birth control.
hobby lobby birth control NOW

** About a dozen leftists disrupted the store’s grand opening last week. reported:

Roughly 50 people lined up in front of Hobby Lobby’s new Totowa store Saturday to protest the company’s role in a recent Supreme Court decision that says the company can choose not to cover contraception for its employees through the Affordable Care Act.

The Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts chain is owned by a Christian family that says it tries to run the business applying its religious beliefs. One of the parties in the decision by the high court, the family had argued that the Obamacare requirement that all contraception be covered violated a 1993 federal law that protects religious freedom. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision written by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., agreed. Alito wrote that the court ruling only held for “closely held” for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby.

The Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision has been attacked by many women’s rights groups, and Democrats in the U.S. Senate are moving to introduce legislation that would sidestep the ruling. A companion bill would have a much harder time passing in the Republican-controlled House.

For two hours Saturday afternoon, the protesters in front of the Totowa Hobby Lobby — newly opened as of July 7 — held hand-lettered signs with such slogans as “Family planning is a family value,” “Women’s values trump corporate dictates,” and “My religious freedom has been given to corporations.”

They also chanted “Hobby Lobby, hear the news — religious views are for the pews.”

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For the record: Reminder: Hobby Lobby Provides Coverage for 16 Types of Contraception

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