MUST SEE VIDEO>>> Border Security Interview: Border Agents More Afraid Of Government Than Illegal Criminals

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

INCREDIBLE VIDEO— MUST LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE END… the video starts out with information most of us already know… but gradually provides more layers of information that may not be known. Interview covers the gamut of the illegal crisis situation with an in-depth analysis of the health threat to the crime threat and more from a border patrol perspective of what they are discovering.

Especially note the points made on Obama limiting access to ammo for the border guards and even denying ammo for shooting practice.


This is an interesting point considering Obama has no problem hoarding ammo for the Dept. of Education, Postal Service, TSA, Soc. Security and other bureaucracy arms of the Obama Administration.

Zach Taylor, a retired border patrol officer, gives his account of the situation on the US southern border. Taylor believes the US government is assisting in the downfall of America.

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