Muslim Cleric to Netanyahu: “We Will Give the Skulls of Your Midgets as Gifts” (Video)

Another statement of violence from a holy Muslim cleric…
Sheikh Khalid Arifi promised to give the skulls of Israelis to the children to play with like footballs.

Throughout the current conflict with Israel, Hamas TV has been broadcasting expressions of support from around the Arab world. One such show of identification came from the Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon.

In a speech, a cleric representing the organization addressed the “midget” Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, promising to give Israeli “skulls” as presents to Gaza’s children for use as footballs:

Representative of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, Sheikh Khalid ‘Arifi:

[Hamas] field commander Abu Ubaidah said yesterday when he appeared on the satellite channels, that people amuse themselves enjoying the World Cup, while the midget Netanyahu threatened us and said: “Let’s see if you dare show your faces above ground!” Allah willing, we will give the skulls of your midgets as gifts for our children’s feet to play with at the Gaza World Cup.

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