Murrieta Star Lupillo Rivera Loves Wearing Caps with Racist, Baiting Messages at Illegal Alien Demos

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

Entertainer Lupillo Rivera, a former illegal alien, has taken a lead role protesting in favor of the illegal alien children and families the Obama administration has been trying to bus this week to the small California town of Murrieta.

At two events this week Rivera wore ball caps emblazoned with racist, baiting messages guaranteed to inflame an already tense situation.



At a counter-protest of other Murrieta residents who stopped the Obama administration from dumping several busloads of illegal aliens in their community, Rivera wore a cap with the racist anti-white message, “RELAX GRINGO, I’M LEGAL.” Rivera also called his opponents “White boys” and mockingly said “Americans are losing control.”

Later in the week Rivera showed up outside a Murrieta town hall meeting wearing a ball cap with the message, “YOUR WIFE SAID YOU WERE A MINUTEMEN” (sic).

In a photo posted to Twitter by Robert Kovacik of NBC LA, an agitated River is seen gesticulating with both hands to direct someone’s attention to the ”Your wife…” message on his cap.

As any man will tell you, another man saying he had sex with your wife behind your back is fighting words. Implying you are sexually inadequate while insulting your patriotism just adds to the violence-inciting insult.

According to reports, the 42-year-old Rivera was brought to the United States by his illegal alien parents when he was four. He claims to now be an American citizen, but his sympathies are not with Americans but with “Mi raza.”

Rivera is acting like an arrogant punk who is looking to incite a violent incident for the cameras. He almost got it the other day. Rivera claims he was spit on at his counter-protest, but no arrest was made even though Rivera was surrounded by media and police when the alleged incident happened.

If you encounter Rivera at a protest, or someone like him trying to provoke violence, don’t take the bait. Let the arrogant, racist behavior speak for itself.

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