Murrieta: Star Illegal Alien Supporter Used Racist Anti-White Slurs During Counter-Protest

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor


Lupillo Rivera has made a name for himself in the liberal and Latino media by leading a small counter-protest in Murrieta, CA this past week. This was after several hundred Murrieta residents blocked buses filled with illegal alien children and families from their city. Those reports have highlighted Rivera’s claim that he was spit on by one protester. (A despicable act, if true, that may have been caught on videotape. With all the media and police surrounding Rivera, apparently no arrest was made.)

What the reports fail to mention is that Rivera employed anti-white racial slurs when confronting the protesters.

Rivera wore a black ball-cap emblazoned with the race-baiting phrase, “RELAX GRINGO, I’M LEGAL.”

Gringo, of course, is a Mexican slur against white Americans. The statement on the cap communicates Rivera’s message that he believes white Americans are racists who automatically think Hispanics are illegal aliens.

Wearing that cap during the course of his vocal counter-protest, Rivera waded his stocky self in to the midst of the protesters, trying to provoke reactions as a few of his counter-protesters backed him up.

Rivera spoke Spanish to his fellow counter-protesters, but spoke in English to the crowd and media.

For the most part people yelled back at him as they each got in the other’s faces. When Rivera was jostled by someone who apparently grabbed his sign, he exclaimed using a racial slur, “Uh, oh! White boys are getting violent! Uh, oh, they’re getting violent! I still have it.”

A video of the encounter also shows Rivera mocking Americans for “losing control” of their country: “They’re losing control. Americans are losing control. Something’s happening. Americans are losing control…”

Rivera made sure to smear the protesters as racist in his comments to the media:

“Based on the treatment he got when protesting, he believes that many are opposed to immigration because of racism.

“”Look, they threatened me. They slapped me and they spit in my face, but that doesn’t matter,” he said. “They spit on me and treated me poorly without knowing who I was, without knowing that I’m an American citizen, without knowing that I have lots of followers on Twitter. If they mistreated me as a citizen, how will they treat these children?””

Rivera is a professional entertainer who knows how to work a crowd and the media. He is also an example of why giving amnesty to illegal aliens en masse begets more illegal immigration and calls for more amnesty by those previously given amnesty.

Rivera himself was an illegal alien, brought to this country from his native Mexico by his illegal alien parents when he was four, according to reports. He says he is now legal and an American citizen.

And now Rivera is pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens by race-baiting whites and preaching Hispanic ethnic solidarity:

““I don’t speak only for the Mexicans,” he told FNL. “The Mexican is not Mexican, the Guatemalan is not Guatemalan, the Salvadoran is not Salvadoran, the Puerto Rican is not Puerto Rican. Here we all are Hispanics.””

“The voice of Latinos is loud – he said – but a lot of undocumented are not raising their voice.

““I want everybody to go to my Twitter account. I don’t want ‘Likes,’ I want them to copy what I say – MR.OBAMA WHERE IS OUR REFORM YOU PROMISED US !!! – and retweet it from their account to the president.”

“Because, he says, he has a dream that one day President Obama will hear that 10 million Hispanics are asking ‘Where is The Reform?’

““And he will do something about it,” he said.”

A review of Rivera’s recent Twitter postings shows that he posts almost exclusively in Spanish and uses racial solidarity phrases like “Mi Raza” (my fellow Hispanics), as he agitates for amnesty.

The race-baiting Rivera piously posted a photo on Friday of himself holding a hashtag sign that reads, “#SAYNOTORACISM”

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