MORE THAN 20,000 PEOPLE TURN OUT for Funeral of US-Born IDF Staff Sgt. Sean Carmeli

There was some concern no one would come to US-born IDF lone soldier Staff Sgt. Sean Carmeli‘s funeral.
20,000 people turned out!
sean carmeli

Max Steinberg and Nissim Sean Carmeli grew up in America and had a passion for Israel.

Their love of Israel led both to join the Israel Defense Forces and fight against Hamas in Gaza Strip, where they were killed on Sunday.


Nissim Sean Carmeli was a Lone Soldier – an American who threw his fate in with the people of Israel and came to serve in the IDF.

He loved Maccabi Haifa and when news of his death broke, the team called for people to come to his funeral, to honor this brave young man who chose to be Israeli with all his heart, with all his soul, with all his might.

20,000 people came out to honor his sacrifice today in Israel.
funeral carmeli

What a wonderful tribute to an Israeli-American hero.

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