Leading New Hampshire GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Called Tea Party ‘Teabaggers’ (VIDEO)

Walt Havenstein, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire, might have upset voters in a recent statement in which he called tea partiers ‘teabaggers’.

The Daily Caller reports:

The 17-second video now on YouTube shows Havenstein speaking to a group of business students at the University of New Hampshire four years ago. In the clip, the GOP candidate derisively refers to tea partiers as “teabaggers.”


“We got a lot of problems in this country,” Havenstein says. “The teabaggers, or whatever they are, they’ve been telling us that all summer long. Alright?”

He then asks “Isn’t that who they are?” with his tongue stuck out.

“I’m a little out of touch,” he adds, with a big grin on his face.

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