Jewish Students Rescued by Police From Boston anti-Israel “Die-In”

The pro-Palestinian protesters called the Jews “Zio-nazis” and told them to go back to “Birkenau.”
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Pro-Israel student activist Brett Loewenstern (center) was extracted by police from a pro-Palestinian ‘die-in’ on the Boston Common Saturday, July 19, 2014. (photo credit: Elan Kawesch/The Times of Israel)

For the third time in eight days Israel supporters were rescued by police from pro-Hamas protesters in Boston.
The Times of Israel reported:

For the third time in eight days, Boston police were forced to intervene when a small group of student Israel supporters was swarmed by demonstrators screaming anti-Semitic epithets and initiating physical contact, said students involved in the incident.

The two-hour “die-in” on the Boston Common climaxed when protest leaders read the names of Palestinians killed in Gaza since the fighting started. Holding signs printed with each victim’s name and age, demonstrators fell to the concrete as each corresponding name was read.

On Friday, the day before the “die-in,” more than 1,000 Israel supporters gathered in the same spot of the Boston Common to support the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. Organized by the Israeli American Council, the Friday rally featured speeches from Jewish leaders and calls to defend Israel on social media.

Staged across from the gold-domed Massachusetts State House, Saturday’s “die-in” kicked off with an hour of anti-Israel speeches. Most speakers condemned the US government’s support of Israel and the Jewish state’s alleged “war crimes” against Palestinians.

Demonstrators’ signs and T-shirts pointed to participation from a slew of “peace action” committees, local unions, international socialist and women’s groups, and far-left activist group Jewish Voice for Peace. At various points during the gathering, activists called for boycotts of Israeli products and for the US government to “defund” Israel.

For the third time since last week, a handful of Jewish students with Israeli flags was surrounded by demonstrators shouting anti-Semitic epithets and – according to two of the students – a tense minute of “pushing and shoving.”

Soon after the “die-in” ended, Brett Loewenstern — a Berklee College of Music student and pro-Israel activist – entered the fray with his boyfriend, Israeli-born Avi Levi.

According to Loewenstern, he and his boyfriend’s combining of an Israeli flag with a rainbow flag – the symbol for gay rights – set off a hailstorm of insults from demonstrators.

Among other things, the shouts included “Jews back to Birkenau” and “Drop dead, you Zionazi whores,” said Loewenstern and other witnesses.

“We started to get pushed and shoved by the Israel haters, and the police came in to extract us from them,” said Loewenstern, a former contestant on American Idol who sings Israel’s national anthem at communal events.

“The policewoman was very nice and said that we were allowed to make our point but we have to do it separately from the Israel haters,” Loewenstern told the Times of Israel.

Israel supporter Brett Loewenstern posted this on Twitter following the attack on Monday.

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