Hit Job: Tribune Corp And Dems Attack Republican Candidate For Governor…For Following Tax Law

Earlier today the Chicago Tribune ran an article attacking the tax return of Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.


IRS data show Bruce Rauner to be one of the 11,000 richest tax filers in the nation, but most of the millions he made in recent years was taxed at 15 percent — less than half the top federal rate for the wealthy, a review of tax documents released by the GOP governor hopeful shows. One reason behind that sharp discount is that Rauner took advantage of a strategy that yielded big tax savings on his share of investment fees paid to his private equity firm, GTCR. That strategy is allowed under tax rules but has come under IRS scrutiny. [MORE…]

The Tribune admits that Bruce Rauner has broken no laws. He’s filed LEGAL deductions and disclosed them in full to the public. Yet the witch hunt continues. By design, now the Democrat Governor can respond with outrage to this crime of following the law, and the Tribune can run a new piece to further reinforce the narrative:


Next they’ll report that he outrageously waited till the last legal day to pay his taxes in full, rather than pay early as he should’ve if he were a real patriotic American.


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