Gun-Toting 9 & 10 Year-Old Child Soldiers Join ISIS in Iraq

The ISIS terror group is recruiting young children to fight for the caliphate.
This nine year-old soldier joined ISIS in Iraq.
nine ISIS soldier

Gun-toting children paraded through the streets of Mosul after it fell under ISIS control.

This young ISIS fighter has his own assault rifle with a telescopic sight attached.
isis child gun


Here’s another child soldier recruit in Anbar Iraq.

ISIS (ISIL) also recruited a 10 year-old soldier in Iraq.
ISIS child

The Daily Beast reported:

Abdullah is not yet 11 years old. But his older brother and his father, who was a senior member of ISIS, were killed in fighting between the group and Iraqi security forces in 2013. That’s why Abdullah joined ISIS, although he is far from the only child in its ranks.

The storeowner, Hamdoun, says he has actually grown used to seeing Abdullah wandering around, carrying his big gun with both pride and difficulty. He has also seen the boy on guard duty together with other ISIS fighters in front of the new ISIS headquarters in Mosul, which originally was the home of a government official.

A curious bystander wanted to start a conversation with Abdullah. “I have a son your age, but he’s not eager to carry arms,” the man said. “He spends most of his time on the computer.”

A tall, overweight gunman, who seemed to be responsible for the child, answered on Abdullah’s behalf. “Our children don’t waste time on electronic games or on watching cartoons,” he said. “They have a dream and their dream is to establish an Islamic state.”

UPDATE: John Sage sent this observation:

In today’s picture of Abdullah, the 10 y.o. jihadi armed with the Beretta 9mm pistol, the man in the other window is armed with a World War 2 U.S M-1 Garand rifle, a .30-06 semi-automatic rifle which the Obama admin has recently dictated to be ineligible for re-importation to the US for civilian use here.

This is the rifle which used to be (perhaps still is?) issued / sold to target shooters through the (formerly US Army) Civilian Marksmanship Program.
Unintended consequences? Or are they?

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