GOP Representative: Obama IRS Used ‘Soviet-Style Tactics’ Against Political Opponents (Video)

obama soviet medal

Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) joined Maria Bartiromo this morning to discuss the Obama IRS scandal. Terry compared the IRS targeting of conservatives to Soviet-style tactics.

Maria Bartiromo: What do you think those emails say? What do you think this is going to prove?

Rep. Lee Terry: Well, again, as a lawyer when you’re trying to hide something it means you have something to hide. So we may not know the specifics of what it says but it’s got to be pretty damaging that there was a real conspiracy here to use Soviet-style tactics, to use government resources, against your political opponents. And, I think there will be direct evidence of that. Now whether it goes into the White House or not is yet to be determined but certainly the amount of fight in them to prevent it would certainly raise that question that it goes to the White House.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

Once again…
The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

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