Female Students Given Extra Credit for Not Shaving Armpits

Female students at the University of Arizona are being offered extra credit in exchange for abstaining from shaving their armpits for 10 weeks in the name of ‘dismantling sexism.’

According to ASU News, Women and Gender Studies Professor Breanne Fahs, offered both male and female students in the class extra credit for “defying social norms” that relate to body hair.

For the experiment, female students were instructed to not shave their legs and armpits, while male students were told to go hairless “from the neck down” for 10 weeks. To receive the bonus points, participants were told to catalogue their experiences in a journal.


“Many of my friends didn’t want to work out next to me or hear about the assignment, and my mother was distraught at the idea that I would be getting married in a white dress with armpit hair,” said participant Stephanie Robinson.

Robinson would later describe the experiment as “life changing.”


“Both genders bump up against sexism and heterosexism in their experiences, albeit in different ways,” said Associate Professor Fahs.

For men, maintaining a hairless body from the neck down would be a  “labor intensive process” which Fahs hoped would give male students “some insight into what women who shave go through.”

Apparently, the American Psychological Association was so impressed with Fahs body hair experiment, that they awarded her with the Mary Roth Walsh Teaching the Psychology of Woman Award and has been published in several prestigious psychological journals for it.

While Fahs has been praised by media outlets and academic associations, online she has been widely criticized by her students for being “biased” and “one sided.”

ASU students took to the popular teacher rating website RateMyProfessor.com to criticize Fahs for abusing her position as a professor to push her feminist agenda.

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