Fatah to Israel: Prepare the Body Bags, “We Wish the Blood to Become Rivers”

fatah fighters
Fatah fighters march with guns at an anniversary parade.

Obama’s peace partners – the Fatah branch of the Palestinian government – wished for the blood of the Jews “to become rivers.”
This message and several others were posted on the official Fatah Facebook page.
Palestinian Media Watch reported:

Today, Fatah, headed by Abbas, posted the following threat to Israelis:
“Sons of Zion, this is an oath to the Lord of the Heavens: Prepare all the bags you can for your body parts”
[Facebook, "Fatah – The Main Page,” July 7, 2014

Two days ago, Fatah posted a similar threat with a picture of burning houses:

"The sons of Fatah will turn your settlements into balls of fire and increase your horror”
[Facebook, "Fatah – The Main Page,”July 5, 2014]

Earlier this month, Fatah posted a poem including the line “We wish for the blood to become rivers”:
“The source of terrorism is the Zionist…
The Zionist, by Allah, is treacherous
O settler, O malicious one
Your time has ended..
O Arabs, enough betrayal:
We wish for the blood to become rivers…
This homeland wants [your][your]–
It does not want you to wait.”
[Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” July 2, 2014

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