FACE PLANT! Bong Dealing Candidate For Mayor Resists Arrest – Gets Tased On Camera


Bong seller and candidate for mayor of Maui, Beau Hawkes, was tased in the middle of the street last week. The episode was captured on camera by a pedestrian.

Best line from the video:

Hawkes can be heard saying, “Come on cop. You can’t do this dude. You can’t do this.”

Um, yes he can, Dude. This all started earlier in the day when the officer pulled Hawkes over for talking on his cell phone while driving a car with no license, registration, plates or tags. Hawkes was quoted:


“I explained to the officer that I actually don’t need a license plate — that I’m a private individual here. … I also told him that I had a right to use my cell phone if I’d like.  That anti-cell phone law was enacted without the consent of we the people,” said Hawkes.

According to Hawkes, the officer asked him to turn off his vehicle, but Hawkes said he told the officer, “I’m late for a meeting. I have to go, at which point I drove off.”

Dude, you can’t just drive off when you’ve been pulled over, even in Maui.

From the NY Daily News:

The sun-bleached surfer makes bamboo water bongs for a living

Obviously his bongs work. With all of this publicity he should be able to sell a truck load.

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