EXCLUSIVE: U.S. District Court Employee Threatens to Burn Down Hobby Lobby Stores

hobby lobby

John Pivovarnick said on Twitter today, “Hobby Lobby.  Time to burn that shit down.”  What makes this different from the usual Progressive nonsense is that Mr. Pivovarnick is an Automation Specialist at the U.S. District Court, in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, responding to a Supreme Court ruling.

Joe Barrett, Administrative Supervisor and Mr. Pivovarnick’s boss, said he was surprised to hear about the tweets, and would look into the matter.  When reached by phone, Mr. Barrett confirmed Mr. Pivovarnick’s employment, and said Mr. Pivovarnick was at work when the tweets were sent.  Mr. Barrett did not indicate whether these statements reflected the opinions of the U.S. District Court.


Mr. Pivovarnick defended his Twitter statements, saying, “I’m not advocating violence against people, since I don’t believe corporations are people.”  In Twitter comments throughout the day, Mr. Pivovarnick did not back away from his statements, but thanked others for their comments, and said he would “pray for them.”

The U.S. District Court employee’s other statements in defense of his desire to see Hobby Lobby stores be burned down included, “When have “christian” racist homophobic KKK EVER been considered liberal?  Before the tea party, anyway…” and “Lincoln was republican and FREED the slaves. The modern GOP wants them back.”

All of the tweets, including his extensive justifications, were done while at his job in the U.S. District Court.

Mr. Pivovarnick tweets under the name @Obfusticate, and also uses the the stage name “Mason Carver” as an actor.

Mr. Pivovarnick is a graduate of the University of Scranton.

The original tweet was at https://twitter.com/Obfusticate/status/483617495329153024. It has since been deleted.

But several responded, including this:

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