CROOKS! FEC Employee Linked to Lois Lerner Investigation Claims Her Computer Crashed Too

This is unbelievable.
Lois Lerner

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

Now we know…
** Lois Lerner’s computer mysteriously crashed, was thrown out and recycled 10 DAYS after House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp asked if the IRS was engaged in targeting on June 3, 2011.


** And six other top IRS employees involved in the targeting scandal also lost their emails around the same time.

And, now this…
Lois Lerner’s former far left FEC colleague lost her emails in a mysterious computer crash, too.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Federal Election Commission recycled the computer hard drive of April Sands — a former co-worker of Lois Lerner’s — hindering an investigation into Sands’ partisan political activities, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Sands resigned from the Federal Election Commission in April after she admitted to violating the Hatch Act, which bars executive branch employees from engaging in partisan political activities on federal time and at federal facilities.

The twist is that Sands also worked under Lois Lerner when the ex-IRS agent — who is currently embroiled in a scandal over the targeting of conservative political groups — worked at the FEC’s enforcement division.

In a letter to FEC chairman Lee Goodman, committee chairman Darrell Issa and committee member Jim Jordan laid out Sands’ partisan activities and asked for records pertaining to the recycling of her hard drive and of the agency’s records retention policies.

For the record… 76% of Americans Believe IRS “Deliberately Destroyed” Lois Lerner’s Emails

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