Breaking: Palestinian Car Bomber Arrested Before Entering Jerusalem – VIDEO

A Palestinian terrorist was arrested before he entered Jerusalem today.
Israeli officials found pipe bombs, gas canisters, explosives and a detonator inside the car.

The suspected bomber was captured near Beitar Ilit by Israeli border police.
iraeli hero
Saving the day: officer Jakarta arrested the bomb attack suspect: “I stepped on him and aimed the weapon.”

Debka reported:

A car loaded with gas canisters and a large explosive charge was stopped Sunday on its way to Jerusalem at the Beitar Ilit checkpoint southeast of the capital and its Palestinian driver taken into custody. He first tried to escape and kept on driving – even after a Border Police officer jumped in the vehicle to switch of the engine. He only pulled up and surrendered when he saw officers aiming their rifles at him. Traffic has been redirected from Highway 375 to Ness Harim as police and bomb disposal units deal with the bomb-rigged vehicle.

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