Breaking: NEW PHOTOS of ISIS Mass Execution of Shiites in Iraq

ISIS terrorists captured several hundred Shiites and executed them near Tikrit according to ISIS-linked Twitter accounts.
Hemaidan (@Mukdadhumaidan) reported (translated): Maliki and his militia soldiers and volunteers for the Ayatollah Sistani fatwa and jihad in the grip of black followers of ISIS in Tikrit.
isis tikrit shia
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It’s not clear if these are photos from a recent mass execution of from the mass execution in northern Iraq last month.

The Islamist group ISIS loaded the “security forces” (Iraqi men, boys and security officials) onto SEVERAL trucks in June.
ISIS truck
If you look at the picture you’ll notice the “security forces” were dressed in pedestrian clothes.


The victims were slaughtered like animals in a ditch.
mass grave ISIS

But these photos hit the internet this past week.

ISIS is on the move in Iraq.

More brutality…
ISIS terrorists reportedly suspended this child in the sun for hours for not fasting for Ramadan.
isis child sun ramadan

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