Border Patrol Agent: Why Would Anyone Pay for a Smuggler When US Is Doing It For Free? (Video)

Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Sean Hannity tonight that the Obama administration is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants into this country.

“What is happening is that we treat OTMs (other than Mexicans) differently than aliens from Mexico or Canada. Right now what is happening is our government is pretty much releasing and giving these OTMs a free pass into our country. We are very concerned about it. We want our borders to be secure… Actually what is happening is that the federal government is completing the smuggling cycle. By having a parent send their child to the US border, having them smuggled, that is only part of the smuggling cycle. Then the federal government steps in. We apprehend them. We process these illegal aliens then we release them to their family members in the US. We just completed that smuggling cycle. Now, why would anybody want to hire a smuggler when the US government is actually doing it for free?

Via Hannity:

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