Teaser… Black Conservatives Met With Hostility At Lavish Annual NAACP Event In Vegas

The NAACP is holding their 105th annual gathering   in Las Vegas this week. This year’s theme? “All in for justice and equality.” And what better venue could there be for fighting against injustice and inequality then a multimillion dollar Las Vegas resort, the lavish Mandalay Bay.

After years of rejection, black conservatives have been allowed a single booth, but they’re still locked out of speaking at the convention.

As minimal and restricted as their presence is at the NAACP event, black conservatives are still met with open hostility by NAACP faithful because they fail to tow the Progressive line.



On Monday, these shunned black conservatives will hold their own “Empower Liberty Summit” in the same hotel, directly across the hall from the NAACP event. It’s the only way their voices can be heard.

Progressives Today will be there. Stay tuned….

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