AW, NUTS! Meghan McCain turns down co-host position with The View

meghan mccain

The View is struggling as it has lost a number of popular co-hosts in the recent year. Now their hope of bringing on Meghan McCain is also ruined.

Daily Mail reports:

The View chat show is in chaos after producers hopeful that conservative Meghan McCain might join the team turned down the offer.

The conservative pundit and daughter of Senator John McCain appeared as a guest co-host on The View earlier this month as part of a tryout to join the talk show.

After losing all their co-hosts except for Whoopi Goldberg, the show is in turmoil as they struggle to find suitable replacements…

McCain, 29, is currently a panelist on Pivot’s TakePart Live and had appeared on The View several times in the past few years, most recently as a guest co-host in 2013.

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