App Brings Israel’s Air Raid Warnings to Your iPhone

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Hear the rocket attack air raid warnings real-time, as they go off in Israel, on your iPhone. Live as an Israeli citizen for a day, using the Red Alert : Israel app.  After 24 hours, you’ll never be the same.

In the past day, more than 30 sirens have gone off, each a rocket attack launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.  The rockets land indiscriminately throughout Israel, a nation one-tenth the size of Oklahoma.

Israel citizens scramble to shelters, like in the video below, each time this occurs, day or night.  The nation has built an extensive system of shelters as part of it’s national defense.


If you can take it for more than 24 hours, you’ll understand why Israel has called up 40,000 reserve troops, and is launching air strikes into Gaza to locate the source of the attacks.

Just as likely, after a few hours you’ll find yourself traumatized each time it goes off, after having sat in fear of the next time.

In our warm, safe, ensconced homes in the United States, we forget the daily, and now hourly, risk of death that citizens in Israel face.  The Red Alert : Israel app brings that feeling home.

Download the app:

Israeli children take cover:

Android version (Hebrew only):


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