Breaking: American ISIS Suicide Bomber Left Chilling Video Before He Blew Himself Up

US Suicide Bomber urges fellow Americans to join jihad in Syria.
Then he blew himself up.

The State Department confirmed in May that a U.S. citizen from Florida launched a suicide bombing against Syrian government troops earlier this week. Moner Mohammad Abusalha of South Florida was identified as the alleged suicide bomber in Syria, according to the New York Times. Abusalha was from Ft. Pierce, Florida but traveled to Syria late last year with a group of Americans.

Moner Abusalha had a facebook page.


The American suicide bomber in Syria posed with a kitten before his death.
abu ameriki

Monoer Abusalha 2009
Moner Mohammad Abusalha’s Sebastian River High School 2009 yearbook photo in which he was a sophomore. (TC Palm)

Moner Abusalha filmed a chilling video before his death.
“My father is Palestinian, my mother is Italian-American”

The world has lost another brainwashed idiot.

The Daily Mail reported:

A third video has emerged of the smiling Florida man believed to be the first American to carry out a suicide attack in Syria, showing him burning his US passport before delivering a haunting message.

The latest footage of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha – a college drop out who blew himself up in May while detonating a truck full of explosives outside a restaurant in Syria – further demonstrates how intent he was to die for his cause.

It shows the American jihadi ripping, chewing and then setting fire to his American passport against a haunting soundtrack of Arabic music.

‘You think you’re safe where you are, in America or Britain or Indonesia or Jordan or China or Russie or Somalia or Africa?

suicide bomber passport
The bomber destroyed his passport on camera.

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