Writer reminds Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine: Loyal Soldiers Were Killed Trying to Rescue a Deserter


Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine was quoted as saying in response to the controversial Bergdahl exchange, “I think it is a really important thing that we send a message, if you are in the military and you’re captured, we’re going to move heaven and earth to find you and get you back.”

That comment drew the following response from David James in the Free Lance Star:

Well, Senator, you may want to relate that thought to the families and friends of 2LT Darryn Andrews, SSG Michael Murphrey, SSG Kurt Curtis, SSG Clayton Bowen, PFC Morris Walker and PFC Matthew Martinek. They were all killed while searching for the aforementioned Bergdahl in hopes of a rescue. It is quite apparent Bergdahl did not want to be rescued, that he was complicit with his new accomplices in the Taliban in mayhem against his former comrades, and that the current regime in Washington, D.C., is fully aware of those issues.

If Sen. Kaine’s comments and others’ akin to his are sincere, why then is not a real American patriot, retired FBI Special Agent Robert Levinson, getting the same sort of personal treatment from Mr. Obama and his acolytes? Levinson, who went missing on Kish Island, Iran, while serving as an agent on behalf of his CIA case handlers, is well into his 60s, is known to have medical issues and is conspicuous only by the lack of any consequential commentary on his behalf by our alleged national leadership. His cause has been promoted only by his family and former FBI personnel. The sound elsewhere from our elites is crickets.


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