WOW! Gov. Mike Huckabee Slams Obama Administration As “Anti-Semitic” & “Biased” On Israel

Jaw dropping!
Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox News #OutNumbered Friday, and he blasted the Obama administration as “anti-semitic” and “biased” when it comes to Israel:

Here’s the transcript:

What happened, June the 12th, three boys coming home from school were kidnapped by reportedly Hamas according to the Israeli government. Hamas neither confirmed nor denied it. You’d think that they’d deny it if they didn’t do it.

And on the official even Fatah website they celebrated the kidnapping of these boys! So if anybody thinks their tax dollars in America paying to the Palestinian Authority is a good investment, you helped sponsor a website that celebrated the kidnapping not of soldiers but of schoolboys, one of whom was an American citizen. That puts in a different category.

I’ve been outraged the closest thing we have the statement until a couple days ago was Jen Psaki’s embarrassing statement when she said ‘we just ask all sides to show restraint.’ And I’m thinking wait a minute one side is a kidnapper. Tell me what the other side is and why you show any restraint?

This is been another way in which I think is administration has shown its bias against Israel, and I think it’s an anti-Semitic irrational bias.

The celebration of the kidnapping of three Jews, including one American citizen, that Gov Huckabee is referring to is the disgusting cartoon below which was posted with joy to the Facebook page of Fatah.

The best Jew hatred American tax dollars can buy!


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