Stunning! Cincy News Channel Actually Reports on National Wave of Black Teen Mob Attacks (Video)

Quick – Call the race hustlers! Someone is speaking honestly about race!
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Local Channel 12 News out of Cincinnati aired a segment this week on the epidemic of black teen mob attacks across the nation.

Via Conservative Treehouse:

This report came after 11 white victims filed reports after being attacked by black youth mobs on Memorial Day Weekend.
Local News 12 reported:

Teen mobs at city events is not a Cincinnati thing, and it’s been going on for years.

Evidence of teen violence goes back to the Wisconsin State Fair in 2011, Philly, Chicago and spring 2014 in Louisville. They all have in common the attacks are by black, teenaged boys and girls. And most of the victims are white. The race factor is not something officials like to talk about. One UC criminology professor says that silence could be deadly.

To some who called 911, the race factor was obvious. 11 victims filed reports saying they were kicked, punched or stomped by a group of black teenagers or young adults, boys and girls. Ten of the victims were white, one was Asian. Two reported racial slurs. Noelle Findlay was so certain the assault was racially motivated; the police report says hate crime….

…Dr. John Wright, a criminal justice professor at UC, said, “I think it is racist behavior, racist behavior when you target a group based on their race, sexual orientation, it’s the very nature of a hate crime.”

Dr. Wright has tracked what he considers mob behavior across the country over the last five years. Most recently in Louisville a mob of teenagers terrorized downtown. They looted a store, vandalized cars and assaulted passersby. Most of the victims were white. Louisville officials say there is no evidence crimes were racially motivated.

“We are unwilling to speak about race when it comes to crime because it is a sensitive matter,” said Wright. “Allegations of racism ruins careers, ruin lives. The media remains silent or targets the people who bring up the issue.”

Cincinnati police and city leaders publicly condemn the violence. Law and public safety committee chairman, Chris Smitherman, said those responsible will be held accountable. In a statement to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, Mayor John Cranley said nothing justifies, “hate speech or racial prejudice.”

Pastor Peterson Mingo of Evanston said, “Not too many ways to explain that behavior, have to condemn it, can’t be tolerated.”

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