Where’s the Logic? White House Didn’t Tell Congress about Bergdahl Trade Because it Wanted to Avoid Leaks … But 90 White House Staffers Were Informed in Advance


White House officials contend President Obama did not inform Congress about his deal to trade five known terrorists for deserter U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl due to security concerns.

If a member of Congress leaked something before the trade was done, Obama was reportedly afraid that Bergdahl might be killed


But at a classified briefing to House members Monday, White House staffers revealed that up to 90 people in the Obama administration knew of the pending deal, negating any true concern about secrecy, Newsmax reports.

The news comes as the Armed Services Committee continues to look into the trade, with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel set to testify tomorrow, and additional hearings on the way.

Committee Chairman Buck McKeon said the revelation about those who knew of the Bergdahl deal was “disturbing,” and he’s demanding a list of names of those who were in-the-know.

“My question to them was, if you don’t know who knew, then how could you – if a leak had happened and the sergeant had been killed – how could you go back and find out who leaked?” McKeon said, according to the news site.

It’s a good question. Here’s another: Did President Obama break the law by not informing Congress of the trade?

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