VA Tells Vet to Get a Job If She Wants Better Health Care

The Missouri Torch has more disturbing tales from the arrogant, inept VA health system.

Monday evening, veterans gathered in Kansas City at the Uptown Theater to meet with members of the VFW to discuss their experiences at nearby VA hospitals.  Nicole Smith from Kingsville, Missouri told the panel the VA hospital in Leavenworth only wanted to push pain pills, listing “morphine, codeine, morphine, codeine,  Tylenol.”  She said she was being treated for PTSD and arthritis.

She finally exploded and “tried to beat the crap out of someone” and decided to go to Kansas City, where they offered her morphine.  She said she refused claiming she had become and addict.

She claimed her arthritis made her bed ridden.

She said it was at the Kansas City hospital where she was treated like crap and told “to get a job if she wanted better health care.”

Watch the whole video below:


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