TUESDAY PRIMARIES – Lankford Wins in OK, Cochran Wins in Mississippi, Rangel in Trouble

thad lives
Thad Cochran leads Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel tonight in the Mississippi run-off election. Cochran courted Democratic voters in the state.

With 75% reporting:
Thad Cochran (Incumbent) 51.5% 124,880
Chris McDaniel 48.5% 117,447

UPDATE: With 79% reporting:
Thad Cochran (Incumbent) 50.7% 128,109
Chris McDaniel 49.3% 124,447


UPDATE: With 83% reporting:
Thad Cochran (Incumbent) 50.9% 137,731
Chris McDaniel 49.1% 132,839

UPDATE: With 89% reporting:
Cochran 146,741 50.4
McDaniel 144,157 49.6

UPDATE: With 94% reporting:
Cochran 168,013 50.2
McDaniel 166,850 49.8

UPDATE: WIth 97% reporting:
Cochran 179,367 50.6
McDaniel 175,085 49.4

It looks like Democrats pushed Cochran over the finish line in Mississippi.
What a disgrace.

In Oklahoma– Fifth District Congressman James Lankford beat Former House Speaker T.W. Shannon and there will not be a runoff. Lankford won 56.5% of the vote.

Charles Rangel is in a tight race in his New York district race.

Some good news— Mia Love will face Democrat Owens in the general election in Utah’s 4th District.

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