The U.S. Has Negotiated With Terrorists Before, But Never as Foolishly as the Five-for One Deal with the Taliban


I remember back in the 1980s, when Democrats on Capitol Hill were screaming for blood after news surfaced that the Reagan administration had sold arms to Iran in an effort to secure the release of American hostages in Lebanon.

They even started talking about impeaching President Reagan when they learned that money from the arms sales had been diverted to rebels trying to overthrow the Communist government of Nicaragua.

The diversion of funds was apparently in violation of a law pushed through by congressional Democrats banning further military aid to the Nicaraguan rebels, known as the Contras.

Now the shoe is suddenly on the other foot. How are the Democrats going to defend (at least with a straight face) a deal that released five very dangerous Taliban terrorists in exchange for one American soldier who may well prove to be a deserter?

Is this Obama’s way of finally closing Guantanamo, after failing to find any community in America willing to take the prisoners?


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