Tea Party Lawyer Cleta Mitchell: Last Four IRS Commissioners Lied About Targeting Scandal (Video)

Tea Party lawyer Cleta Mitchell told Sean Hannity tonight that the last four IRS commissioners lied about the conservative targeting scandal.

Look, we’ve had four commissioners or acting commissioners in a row who trotted up to Congress and lied. That’s what they’ve done, they’ve made false statements. Shulman when he was commissioner told the Oversight that there was no targeting of conservative groups. That was a lie. Steven Miller, who was the acting commissioner testified last May, that there was nothing the IRS or he had done wrong. That was a lie. We had Danny Worful who was dispatched by the Obama White House to go over there last May and he testified in June of last year there was no intentional wrongdoing, even though he didn’t interview any employees. That was a lie. And, now we have Koskinen. This is the problem. The IRS is the problem.

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