Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Thousands a Year to Send Poets, Painters and Writers to Antarctica


When libertarian talker Neal Boortz took a trip to Antarctica at the beginning of this year, he probably wasn’t expecting to see much green in the land of snow and ice.

But that was before Boortz discovered the federal government spends “hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars” every year to send poets and writers to document the heritage of The White Continent.

During a recent audio commentary, Boortz explained the nonsense he encountered on his trip:

“The National Science Foundation has a program called ‘Artists and Writers in Antarctica.’ And they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars sending over a hundred poets and writers and painters all to Antarctica. Taxpayer dollars.

“Now, the National Science Foundation says the purpose of the Antarctic ‘Artists and Writers’ program is to ‘enable serious writings and works of art that exemplify the Antarctic heritage of humankind.’

“Note the ‘humankind’ instead of ‘mankind.”

According to Boortz, one of the government-subsidized “artists” was working on a project that highlighted recycling in Antarctica.

The San Francisco-based artist “picked things out of recycling bins and glued them into a book of some kind,” Boortz noted.

One writer was there working on a young adult novel about a “merperson” – the politically correct version of a mermaid – while another was writing a book that portrays Antarctica as “the continent that delivers devastation or transcendence.”

“You’re paying for that,” Boortz noted.

A government-subsidized poet was also there to write a poem about a jaguar eating a penguin, an odd choice given that Antarctica is a jaguar-free zone.

Boortz joked that instead of paying for his trip out of his own pocket, he should have written a poem: “I went to Antarctica on my own buck … ahh, dang! I can’t think of anything that rhymes. I guess that’s why I paid my own way.”


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