Suicide: “Tea Party Official” Facing Felony Charges In Thad Cochran Race Found Dead


A Mississippi attorney who’d been in the news for his part in an ill conceived plot to photograph the sick old wife of Sen Thad Cochran in order to make her the subject of a political ad in a hotly contested senate primary, has killed himself.

Police in Mississippi said Friday that Mississippi attorney Mark Mayfield killed himself on Friday, following his arrest in a case that highlighted the smash-mouth political environment in the Deep South.

Mayfield was accused of conspiring with other tea party officials to take secret photographs of Republican Sen. Thad Cochran’s bedridden wife in a nursing home. [MORE]

Our condolences to Mark Mayfield’s family and loved ones.

Mediate confirms that Cochran’s opponent Chris McDaniel has not been connected to the photography incident involving Mayfield.

Cochran appears to have won the primary, however widespread fraud committed by Democrat primary voters who crossed over and voted in the Republican primary is casting doubt on his victory.


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