Stupid Federal Policy Prohibits States from Drug Testing Food Stamp Applicants


It seems reasonable that people seeking government food assistance should be able to pass a drug test.

The taxpayers have a right to expect these folks to stay sober enough to find jobs as soon as possible and get off the assistance list.


They also have a right to know that the food stamps they fund are not being traded for illegal narcotics.

Georgia lawmakers agree, and recently passed a law requiring drug tests for food stamp recipients whom state workers suspect of using illegal drugs, according to

But reasonable laws mean nothing to the federal government.

It seems U.S. Department of Agriculture policy prohibits states from drug testing food stamp applicants. That means Georgia will have to scrap its new law and let people on assistance live however they want to live.

We’ve come to a dangerous place when a bureaucratic regulation from Washington D.C. (no act of Congress involved) trumps a law enacted by a duly elected legislature.

The Georgia legislature is accountable to the people. The USDA is not.

So the people who pay for the food stamps will have a way in how their money should be spent.

Do your cocaine, heroin and meth, and have a free meal on us before you hit the sack for the rest of the day.

Is this the kind of behavior the feds really want to encourage?

If so, they shouldn’t be surprised that the middle working class is shrinking and the dependent dopehead class is growing.

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