Soros-linked Group Plays in Tennessee Judge Elections


What kind of judges do progressives have in store for Tennesseans? reports:

Add billionaire George Soros’ name to the list of left-wing activists working to assist three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for a retention vote this summer.

According to an advertisement, one of his reported organizations is actively looking for an experienced organizer to develop and implement strategies to help “advance or defend fair courts” in Tennessee, and three other states.

Earlier this month the same organization, Justice at Stake, put out a media release expressing concern about special interest forces targeting justices Gary Wade, Sharon Lee and Connie Clark.

They say this is happening even though pro-retention forces such as Nashville attorney Lew Conner still haven’t proven claims that big business and the Koch brothers are spending more than $1 million to oust them.

“Retention elections are designed to keep partisan politics out of the courts — not turn judges into politicians in black robes, pressured to raise money from parties who appear before them,” according to a Justice at Stake media release.

What kinds of judges do George Soros and other liberal progressive forces want for Tennessee?

The group wouldn’t tell Watchdog.


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