SICK FREAKS: School Lines Students up Against Wall and Asks ‘How Far’ They Would Go Sexually


These sick freaks belong in jail. The government school adults who consider this “education” would be arrested if they did it on the sidewalk outside the school. reports:


As a part of a sex education class, eighth graders at Woodland Park Middle School in San Marcos, California were asked to stand under signs that said how far they would be willing to go sexually.

The signs said “smiled at, hugged, kissed, above the waist, below the waist, and all the way,” as reported at the local ABC Affiliate.

The inconceivable “lesson” must have been completely humiliating for the children. If it were not for vigilant parents contacting the local news, this story would have likely never seen the light of day.

The parents said that “their daughter and her classmates were in disbelief because they thought the teacher wanted to know how far they’ve gone sexually.” The school defended the “assignment,” which was taught by “a community clinic and has been used over the past several years” by saying “the activity was to discuss what is appropriate for dating at the middle school level.”

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