School Employee Claims Co-Workers Vandalized Her Office with Feces, Urine After She Reported Their Sex Romp


One would think that a school employee would be rewarded for reporting steamy behavior happening on school property between co-workers.

Apparently this is not always the case, unless you could a steaming pile as a reward. reports:

A former New York public school employee says a pair of co-workers smeared fecal matter and spilled urine in her office, defaced her personal pictures and slashed her car tires after she reported their in-school hook-ups to the principal.

The allegations are part of a lawsuit that was filed by former elementary school counselor Deborah Berger late last week, reports.

In her lawsuit, Berger claims her life became a living hell in 2010 after she told Public School 009 Principal Robert Wojnarowski that two of her fellow guidance counselors were using counseling rooms for their steamy encounters.

According to Berger’s suit, principal Wojnarowski knew of the ongoing affair and chose not punish the illicit lovers. Instead, he told the couple that Berger had complained about their behavior.

And that’s when the vicious reprisals allegedly began.

Berger claims the pair vandalized her office with human waste, while Wojnarowski allegedly did nothing to punish them. She even claims that Wojnarowski joined in with the retaliation by giving her bad job reviews, reports.

Things reached a breaking point for Berger last June when she found her car tires slashed. Berger claims she became ill from all the stress and needed to take an unpaid leave of absence from her job to receive psychological treatment.

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