Report: Wisconsin State Employee Made $834,000 Last Year


It’s good to work for the government. In addition to the lavish benefits, days off and job security, it turns out the pay is pretty good, too.

The Post Crescent reports:


The 20 highest-paid state employees last year worked for the Wisconsin Investment Board, which manages the investments of the Wisconsin Retirement System.

The board’s chief investment officer, David C. Villa, took home a state-high $834,000, and each of the other 19 employees made at least $300,000, the Wisconsin State Journal reported Sunday.

It’s truly amazing that the state can pay out that kind of money, then even have the nerve to raise taxes for anyone, ever. State governments have obviously not “cut to the bone,” as many officials claim. If they can afford to play salaries like that, they obviously have all the money they need

In 2012, Education Action Group produced “Slaves to the Government Class” as government employee unions were stoking the fires of income inequality and organizing with Occupy Wall Street.

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