Report: NYC Persecutes Driver Because He’s Black and His Passenger was White – and She’s His Wife!

black sedan

Dan Keys Jr. was driving his black Lincoln sedan with his wife as his passenger. The next thing he knew, he was a victim of government persecution.

DNAinfo reports:

City investigators wrongfully accused a black man of being an illegal taxi driver after they spotted him dropping off his wife at work, believing she was a white livery cab passenger, a lawsuit charges.

Married couple Dan Keys Jr., 66, and Symone Palermo, 53, are suing the Taxi and Limousine Commission for $3 million, claiming that in an act of racial profiling its agents seized their Lincoln Town Car for eight days and gave each of them summonses — despite their attempts to explain they are husband and wife.

The couple claims that TLC investigators pulled over Keys, a car salesman, because they mistook Palermo, who is biracial, for being white and assumed she was a customer.

“Upon information and belief, when attempting to identify illegally operated taxis, it is the official policy or custom of [the city and the TLC] to instruct its employees to target and single out vehicles operated by minorities with white passengers,” the lawsuit says.

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And we thought it was those big city progressives that were all tolerant and stuff. Apparently not.


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