Report: ACORN-affiliated Political Party Wants Diane Ravitch to Run for NY Guv

Diane Ravitch(

Progressives must be desperate in New York.

The New York Post reports:


The Working Families Party is talking to a potential gubernatorial candidate who is a close ally of the teachers’ union, sources said.

The minor party has reached out to Diane Ravitch to guage her interest in running for governor — and siphoning votes from Gov. Cuomo, said a source.

Ravitch, 75, is a professor at NYU and the ex-wife of former Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch. She is also in lockstep on most issues with the United Federation of Teachers.
With 72 hours to go before their convention, Ravitch’s name has surfaced after a divide in the party.

The furthest left members–tired of a GOP controlled state senate– are holding Cuomo’s nomination hostage, saying they want him to help Democrats re-take control.

The Working Families Party is scraping the bottom of the barrel with Ravitch. A hero to unionists, she has engaged in numerous personal attacks in recent years and has been plagued by several health issues, resulting in the cancellation of speeches.

If they’re scrambling like this before their nominating convention, they’re in deep trouble.

UPDATE: Cuomo received the WFP nomination, according to the Times Union.

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