Progressives Push for Free School Lunches for All – Regardless of Need


There’s one good way to get people hooked on the state and that’s to give away as much free stuff as possible.

Progressives – including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – have been expanding school meals. First it was lunches. Now many schools offer breakfast and Christie is leading the charge for schools to offer dinner, too.

So in the name of “dismantling the stigma of poverty,” progressives want to offer more handouts, regardless of need.

Social Justice Solutions reports:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as a “household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” For children affected by food insecurity, access to school lunch has played an integral role in reducing hunger and nutritional deficits.

Despite the role school lunches have played in reducing hunger and addressing learning deficits, school systems and eligible families often do not utilize them to their full potential. A contributing factor to their low utilization could be the stigma associated with receiving public assistance: many school children have experienced shaming for receiving free school meals.

How can schools correct the stigma associated with accessing government funded school meals? Perhaps schools could provide universally free school meals to all children, with all students eligible despite income level.

If progressives had their way, we’d be beholden to them for food, housing, jobs and security. If the so-called stigma is removed from handouts, there will be no motivation for people to improve themselves, and the progressives will have us right where they want us: subservient and dependent on them.


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